Step 2: Convert Users

Traffic means nothing if it is not converting to leads. Every piece of the TORCHx platform is tested by a sample of users to ensure that everything from usability to speed is optimal. This is why our sites have some of the highest conversion rates of any real estate website on the market.

 Converting Buyer Leads.

Generating buyers leads is generally accomplished through converting site traffic to registered users by forcing registration on listing pages. The TORCHx platform has two general ways of doing this. Through limiting the amount of properties a client can see and by limiting the amount of images in a property detail a client can see. Our system is flexible in that you have the ability to set all of the functions yourself. You can set how many properties a user can see, how many images and more.



Converting Sellers

We have a unique system developed for building home seller leads. Using our sellers lead landing pages, you have the ability to allow users to seek home value information. These pages work especially great with Google Adwords pay per click (PPC) marketing.