Step 3: Nurture Leads

TORCHx gives agents the tools to make lead research and follow up simple and easy

New! Automated Saved Searches and Follow-Up

An important first step in the lead follow-up process is identifying your clients search preferences and setting them up on a saved search to begin sending them properties automatically. We have now automated the process of identifying user search behavior and sending them follow-up emails. As soon as a client searches on your site, we will be capturing everything that they do. We will be running our complex artificial intelligent algorithms to detect exactly what they are looking for and set them up on a saved search automatically. We will then send them an email on your behalf letting them know that a new search has been saved for them and we will begin sending new properties that match their search criteria. All without you having to lift a finger. Of course you can edit these searches and your client can as well if need be. Cool, huh?


Drip Campaigns and Action Plans

Automated follow up with fully integrated drip campaigns and action plans. No 3rd party tools needed. Use drip campaigns and action plans to automate the process of following up with clients. We can even identify buyers, sellers and rental leads and you have the ability to set different campaigns based on these factors and more. Use our pre-made set of templates, edit ours or create your own.


Tools for Follow Up

Automation is great but there is no substitution for a personalized response. TORCHx gives agents a comprehensive lead report with some very exciting features. Everything a user does, we track. Every property and every search is recorded and included in our comprehensive lead timeline. This timeline includes every interaction by you, your client and anyone else involved in the transaction. We tie in with agents’ email directly and every correspondence sent and received gets recorded and saved in the CRM. Our extensive lead summary gives you a nice overview of how users got to your site and what they are looking for. We even show Facebook and LinkedIn profiles to help gain a more intimate view of the client.