Manish Chanda

Client Type: Brokerage
Size: 5 Agents
Client Since: May, 2014

What Manish Had To Say One Year After Going Live:

It has been nearly a year since I started with TORCHx, and I could not be happier. In the past year, nearly 30,000 people have visited my site with over 120,000 page views, which generated over 1200 leads and numerous closings. The SEO value of the platform is amazing. My site now outranks my competition for many of my most competitive keywords and has higher traffic than most real estate company’s sites in our market, in effect giving me an amazing internet billboard effect and a very powerful brand marketing opportunity.

The story is more than numbers though. The team at TORCHx truly values my input. When I have ideas or suggestions to better the platform, they not only listen, but act on it. Many of my ideas have become reality. I have never had a more collaborative relationship before … both from a technical innovation perspective and an operational efficiency result.
It has been a pleasure working with Jesse and John at TORCHx and would recommend anyone (outside of my own market) working with them! I have taken every opportunity to introduce TorchX to my network of referral partners and masterminds and everyone that has adopted their platform has seen amazing results on a much smaller budget than the big names – look out a giant killer is in the horizon!