Mark Martinelli

Client Type: Team

Here Is What Mark Said One Year After Going Live:

In the last 7 days we’ve closed a listing and the seller’s replacement purchase from a lead we received in our first 30 days +/- as paying customers. It actually would have closed sooner but the escrow was 60 days because the buyers were out of the country!

TORCHx is my 5th platform and the only one I have ever added additional money to for a campaign. I’m not going to bash the others I’ve tried here but will tell you that after (the 4th platform) I knew I needed to do something different. I was 10 months into a 1 year contract with another vendor that to this day has produced exactly -0- closings – plus I paid them a hefty set up charge and the “back-end” was double the cost, which meant less money was going to PPC…

I was looking at TORCHx and Boomtown and decided on TORCHx. About 6 months after launching my site I elected to bring on a second BA and went with another vendor that over-promised and under-delivered – just to run two side by side for comparison purposes. My TORCHx site delivered more leads in January than the other site did in 4 months combined. I now have 2 BAs on TORCHx and am adding an ISA for additional follow up. One of my BAs has already written an offer for another lead and has had several other showings.

We are fortunate to be in a higher-priced market (Orange County, CA) but I can say without hesitation that over several platforms and almost 6 years of internet leads, nothing I’ve come across has provided the quantity of leads, with the quality of registrations for the money. I highly recommend TORCHx.