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About GoLive
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About GoLive

What happens in GoLive?

During the GoLive process we purchase your domains, build your search sites, build your traffic campaigns and handle the IDX approval process.

How long does it take to GoLive?

The process to go live can take an average of 10-15 days depending on how quickly you return the requested items to us and how quickly we can get your sites approved by your MLS.

When will I be billed each month?

Our billing cycle starts the same day your account is pushed live. This allows your account to GoLive as soon as possible and helps us manage your marketing campaign(s) and budget(s) on the same cycle.

How do I know I’m live?

On the day you GoLive, you will receive an email with your site and login information and additional training details.

Don’t forget! Add these email addresses to your email contact list/address book:

  • no-reply@torchx.com
  • your-lead@torchx.com

About Paid Marketing

As our customer, you are our top priority and we are here to help you be successful. The primary goal of your TorchX software is to help you get into conversations with the leads in your pipeline – regardless of the source of those leads. If you have purchased marketing with your subscription, TorchX will be one of those sources of new leads. The information below and on the TorchX Paid Marketing page addresses some of the common questions we receive from new customers regarding their marketing campaigns.

When will I start getting leads?

TorchX strives to generate visitors to your site as quickly as possible. As more visitors come to the website, the chances of some of those visitors registering increase. Receiving the first lead depends on many factors: the budget, the time of the year, competition in the marketplace, available search terms to target and the number of people searching for those search terms. On average, it will take 1-2 weeks to receive the first lead. In rare instances, it can take up to 4 weeks.

Can I search for my ad?

Ads will display as often as your marketing budget permits. Your marketing budget is spent on a daily basis and when the budget for the day has been exhausted, the ads start showing up again the next day.

You can search for your ad however you may not always be served your ad. Many factors such as budget, historical performance, quality score, geographical location, and the user’s search history play into which advertisers’ ads are shown when a user searches targeted keywords.

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About Training

When can I get trained?

If you are still in GoLive, you are welcome to watch this training video to start getting familiar with the software.  Click here to watch.

This video provides an overview of your back office and explains how TorchX is contacting your leads:

We also have New Customer Training Webinars available weekly. You and any additional users with your account may register for one by clicking here.

We strongly recommend all new users to either watch the video or attend the webinar.

Can I get my agents/assistant trained?

We encourage you to have your team on the training webinar with you and send them the video. If you add additional agents in the future, our Support Team is notified and will send the new agent training information.

PRO TIP: Make sure anyone using the software and receiving leads gets trained. Knowledge is power!

About “My Profile”

Basic Information

There are fields for your First Name Last Name and phone number in your profile. These fields are used to create your email signature. Sometimes, TorchX may sign off an email with just your first name, pulled from this field. If you are Site Owner, this information will display on the footer of your search sites.

Make sure that the phone number field contains a valid mobile number. Our SMS feature only works if there is a 10 digit mobile number in this field.

Some states require that your Real Estate Number is displaying on your site and/or your email signatures. Please ensure that this field is accurate.

Brokerage Information

If you update the brokerage information here, this will also update the brokerage information displaying on your site. It is important to alert TorchX if you are updating brokerages so that we are able to update your IDX approval with your MLS.


If you did not provide a bio to us as part of GoLive, we entered a default bio here for you. Take a moment to personalize what information you’d like to share with leads.

Zillow Email Address

If you wish to display Zillow reviews on your bio, enter your Zillow login email in the appropriate field in your back office. We have pre-populated it with your TorchX login email so you may need to update this. If you’d like your Zillow average reviews to display under your Agent Bio, checkmark the “Enable Zillow Reviews” box.


Some emails, including emails you send from TorchX can include your photo and logo. This feature can help build trust with your leads. If you did not provide us a professional photo during the GoLive process, a default image will be uploaded in its place.

You can update your photo/logo at any time. If you are changing your logo because you are changing brokerages, please alert the Support Team so we may update your IDX approval with the MLS.

Read Only User Login

If you have a lender or assistant that you want to give access to, you can create a login here for him/her. There will be an option once you save the information to send a “Welcome” email to the person you’re creating a login for with all the information they need.

TorchX Lender Login

The following pages will be read only: Dashboard, Lead Lists, Lead Details, and Statistics. All other pages are hidden. Anyone with a lender login will also be able to save and delete his/her own notes on the lead detail page for your reference.

SMS Notification

By checkmarking the SMS option, you will receive an SMS alert for the following notifications: New Lead, Property Inquiry, Agent Inquiry, Schedule a Showing. The SMS will be sent to the number listed in the phone number field.


If you need to change your login, add forwarding emails to your alerts or want to update your alias email, you will need to contact the Support Team.

You can change your Password at any time.

The time zone allows us to display activity and alerts in your time zone.

“It is important to alert TorchX if you are updating brokerages so that we are able to update your IDX approval with your MLS.”

About Leads

I just got my first lead! Now what?

Great news! If you have received a notification that you have a new lead, that means TorchX has already emailed him/her on your behalf. If you have a phone number, still call them and see how you can help.

Remember TorchX is here to support you, not replace you.

When should I put a lead in the “Client- Active Opportunity” status?

Use this status if a lead shares information with you that is:

  1. personal, i.e., “I am relocating from Scottsdale to move closer to my kids”; or
  2. about the lead’s desired property, i.e., “we need 2 bed 2 bath under $500K” or “we are only interested in a condo”. In this stage, the lead will not receive automated agent emails and can still receive property update notifications and mass emails if opted in.

Review the Leads page for more information on statuses.

How do I import my leads?

See the Leads section to learn more about importing leads.

If you purchase leads with Zillow, Trulia or Realtor.com you can set up those systems to route those leads through TorchX for immediate and ongoing follow up.

“If you purchase leads with Zillow or Trulia you can set up those systems to route those leads through TorchX for immediate and ongoing follow up.”

Click on the logo for set up instructions:


Click here for more information on External Lead Sources.

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