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External Lead Sources
Zillow Tech Connect Integration
Team Features
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External Lead Sources

You can connect your TorchX account to automatically receive new Zillow, and leads.

By setting up the connections for each (listed below) the lead data (contact info, property info, messages) will flow seamlessly into your TorchX back office. These leads will also receive an optimized, automated message within 5 minutes of being generated. The Lead Source will be tagged as either “Zillow”, or “” and be sortable on your Leads page by this tag.

TorchX Lead Source
PRO TIP: Remember to update the status of your leads as they become clients. The Client – Active Opportunity status will stop automated agent emails.

The primary goal of each message is still lead engagement for these external lead sources. The message that is sent to your new lead will vary based on the unique situation to achieve that goal. For example, if the new lead inquires about an active property, the message will be different than if the lead inquired about an inactive property.

The ongoing follow up will also be personalized to that lead and if appropriate, the property they inquired about.

“You should still contact the new lead yourself. The messages are designed to support you, not replace you.”

You should still contact the new lead yourself. The messages are designed to support you, not replace you. Responsiveness is the leading controllable driver of why leads select an agent. If you call and email, you are being very responsive. That’s a good thing.

It’s okay if you call a lead at the same time the initial email is sent. The automated emails do not state facts; they simply recognize that the inquiry was received and asks questions. Thus there is nothing that can catch you off guard in a phone conversation. What happens more frequently is by the time you call the lead you already have an email response with more information. These responses warm up your call considerably.

Zillow Tech Connect

In your Zillow profile, under “Account” select “Connect to My CRM” from the navigation bar. Select TorchX as your partner and type in your TorchX login email.

Click here for more details about adding your Zillow Reviews to your Bio page on your search sites.

Click on the logo for instructions to set up Zillow Tech Connect:

With Zillow Tech Connect, all your leads will be imported (including rental and seller leads). The non-buyer leads will not receive buyer-focused emails.

If you have leads you would like imported into TorchX that were generated prior to adding TorchX as your Tech Connect partner, you may forward the “New Lead” notifications to your TorchX alias email. Since the leads aren’t new, they will not receive an immediate message but TorchX will send ongoing messages. Integration

To forward your leads to your TorchX platfrom, simply add your TorchX alias email to your email profile.Click on the logo to learn how to connect your account:

After you set up the integration, all alerts for buyers interested in your listings and leads requesting CMAs will filter into your TorchX back office immediately. The only alert that is not currently routed to TorchX is if a lead makes a request on your profile through leads will respect the same distribution settings you have set up for Zillow (see Team Features below).


When new leads with phone numbers are generated from Zillow or, SMS is enabled to send an automated text message from you to the lead. This text will complement the initial automated email that is sent to the new lead.

The goal of the text message is to try to engage the lead and buy you time in case you aren’t able to follow up immediately. It is still recommended to call these leads as quickly as you normally would.

When the lead replies via text, the message is forwarded to your mobile number by SMS. Make sure the primary number in your profile is your direct mobile number (not a landline or Google Voice number), so we can ensure delivery of those messages.

As with emails, we store text replies for your review in the lead detail page with the subject line “SMS”.

Team Features

If you have a team of agents for whom you purchase Zillow or, you can have those leads automatically rotate between agents.

TorchX Lead Distribution

It is important to note (see red warning text above) that if any of your agents are importing their own Zillow/ leads, that changing distribution on these leads will cause their leads to be rotated to other team members.

If no other agents are importing leads, then you have the option to distribute Zillow or leads 2 ways:

    1. According to the Same Rules as Chosen for TorchX leads (to me, equally to all agents, by percentages, by search location).
    2. By Zip Code of the Inquired Property

Don’t forget! Any automated emails will be sent from the agent who the lead is currently assigned to.

TorchX By Zip Code

You can also reassign leads manually as they become engaged and responsive prospects. Be sure to tell your agents if you are manually reassigning leads to them. The new agent can always see the previous conversation threads on the Lead Detail page to get in the loop.

If you are managing your Zillow and leads by routing them between agents, but prefer to send your leads to yourself or another specified agent, enable the Seller Lead Override (see the bottom of the image above) and select the appropriate agent from the dropdown menu provided.

Learn more about team features in the Managing a Team section.

Market Leader

  1. Click here to log into your Market Leader back office
  2. Click on “Account” in the top right corner
  3. Click on “My Account”
  4. Click on “Activity Alerts”, then click Edit
  5. Click the green “+” button, then add your TorchX alias email
  6. Click “Save”
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